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Peterson Pipe Notes is the overflow from The Peterson Pipe: The Story of Kapp & Peterson, a full-length (exhaustive?) look at the history, pipes, and experience of Peterson of Dublin.  Most of the blog is devoted to detailed information about Peterson shapes, lines and series–both visual and documentary that lie outside the scope of the book. None of it will find a direct place in the printed text, although the work here should be useful for two follow-up books.

The Peterson Pipe is forthcoming from Briar Books Press, and I hope will be out toward the end of 2017. It will be presented in large format, full color, with sections devoted to the history, pipes and experience of Peterson of Dublin.

I want to thank Tom Palmer (director) and Conor Palmer (commercial director) at Peterson, who have been extraordinary in their willingness to share news and the latest releases from Dublin for the blog. Thanks also to Tony Whelan, Jr., factory manager, who has answered more emails from me than anyone could expect, and all with grace and charm. My thanks also to everyone on the Blogroll who also contributed, most often in the use of their photography, but also in answering a host of questions. There’s some great Petes out there–just take a look.

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24 thoughts on “Blog & Forthcoming Book

  1. Enjoying your site Mark. Thanks for doing this. Question for you. I just picked up a Peterson Kapmeer bowl on ebay and it needs a stem. What kind of stem did it have? I know that they did not have always have p-lip stems but I am wondering about the stem shank junction. from the photos this one appears to have been a flush stem. Nice thick shank.

    • Hi Steve. Kapmeer wasn’t the first meerschaum-lined briar Peterson made, but it was one of the most popular, appearing in 1968 and running until 1981, when it was discontinued. From 1968-1971 it used a standard tenon/mortise mouthpiece, in either F/T or P-Lip. But in 1972 Peterson began using an unusual “unifit” three-part mouthpiece. A “sleeve” was fitted into the mortise, then a “connector” onto the mouthpiece. Iwan Reis catalogs of the era used these on many of their Peterson lines. The Unifit was listed as late the Peterson-Glass 1980 pricelist, so odds are that’s the kind of pipe you’ve got. The illustrations don’t help much in the 1972 brochure, but I’d be glad to forward them to you if you think they’d help.

  2. Mr. Irwin, Ben Rapaport suggested I contact you with a question regarding bits. I tried the email address he provided, but it bounced back. Would you please, at your convenience, contact me at the address below.
    Thank you and
    Randolph Ubben

  3. I recently bought a new 2013 Antique Set from and both of my pipes have the (C in a chamfered square) for the silver date hallmark.

  4. Hi Mark,

    Patrick Larrigan here. The design of the pipe was called Peterson space fitting and that was to allow for wear. If those two faces met you lost the grip. So it seldom did happened. Earlier generations probably did treat their pipes more fiercely but we didn’t have many complaints.

    Hope this helps
    Paddy Larrigan

    • Hi Mark,

      If you have any other questions you can email my granddaughter Orla. She is doing the communications for me as I’m now 91 and the hands don’t work as they used to.

      Paddy larrigan

      • This Wulf from Hamburg in Germany.
        As a big enthusiast and user of older and newr pipes from Peterson in Ireland
        I want to visit the Pipemaster grave here in my town somewhere.
        Can you or Grandaughter Orla help me with more information,please.
        best wishes for a productive day
        and kind regards
        Wulf-Hinrich Arp
        Tel +49 1728935341

        Thanks for cooperation

      • Hi Wulf! I am forwarding your email to Sandra Bondarevska, Charles Peterson’s Latvian biographer. She has the street address and can give you directions. When you go, would you be so kind as to take a few photos & send them to me? I’d like to post them here on the blog at some point.

    • Pipe Makers Emporium is showing them in stock, but unbent–you’d have to bend them yourself. Did you try calling Smokingpipes or Cupojoes? Peterson will get one to you, but they usually like you to send the pipe so they can make sure it’s a good fit. Email them–they may be willing just to mail the right size to you.

  5. Sorry, Peterson’s will direct you to send the bowl to Howard Schulte, he is the U.S. authorized repair shop and he will not send out stems.
    PME and Tim West at JHLowe have various sizes of P-lip stems but they are rough and need to be sanded, bent and polished. I think they are like $8 each.

  6. Hi! new to your site, not to pipe’s! I’m an Antique shopper and found a Peterson’s Pipe in one shop I go to. in the box, never smoked, my best guess from the stamping on the pipe it around 1945 to 1949, it has all the paper work in the box. I would like to send you Photos of it . any help on dating it would be cool. and if you want any copy’s of the ads paper that was in the box and the box cover to use I’ll try to send them to you also. thanks Joe

  7. Hi Mark,

    I’m a bit slow with the uptake and only found this site today.

    I’m replying to this post as it relates to your book.

    I don’t know where to start reading but I’m certainly interested in the book. Is it available yet and if so, where can I find/order one?

    • Hi Wikus! The book’s the slow thing, not you! We had no idea it would take so long. I’m working on layout & design just now, assigning illustrations to the text. At this point, I’ll be happy to see it out sometime in 2017. If you’ve subscribed to the RSS Feed, you’ll be in the loop concerning the publication schedule.

  8. Hi Mark,
    one month ago i bought a wonderful peterson meerschaum patent from 1896 in perfect condition with the head of queen Viktoria . Since then i was searching the internet about more informations.
    perhaps if you like i can send you some pictures for your book? Or you have more informations about that pipe?
    Best regards

  9. Hey Mark, just purchased an estate Kenmare 150 Bulldog from year 2000. It has the Aluminum premium P on the stem not hot foil was this common for the time period? Sorry couldn’t find email. On my smart phone.

  10. A gold-colored stamp was illustrated in the 2005 catalog. There has always been some variance in the mid to upper range in this regard. The Irish Whiskey rustics, for example, sometimes have a stamped gold logo, sometimes an embedded brass P.

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