73. Peterson at the 2017 IPCPR (Video)

I’ve often thought it might be fun to attend the IPCPR, although the ethos of the cigar crowd, which seems to predominate at the show, is usually  far from mine and most pipemen I know. Nevertheless, I must confess I started smoking “seegars” in 6th grade under the influence of Walt Kelly’s Albert the Alligator. Swisher Sweets, mostly. The big ones. No kidding.

Kelly was an inveterate cigar smoker, and I was so immersed in the world of the Okefenokee Swamp crew that it just seemed like the right thing to do. Fortunately in those by-gone days, all a minor had to do was walk into any drugstore, newsstand, or tobacconist and have the ready coin. There was a drugstore across from Brookside Baptist Church (which it felt like my family attended five or six times a week), and on Wednesday or Sunday nights I sometimes found it possible to escape for a few minutes, make a purchase, and have a smoke. How I did that without either of my parents ever suspecting, I don’t know. It wasn’t an act of rebellion, just an extension of my literary life, although I knew better than to tell either of them.

Well, all this to say that I stumbled on this short video interview with Tom Palmer, CEO at Peterson, from the IPCPR 2017 show last July at http://www.stogiereview.com, and reblog it here with the kind permission of Brian Hewitt. Tom looks like he’s had a busy day, but if you watch and listen carefully, there’s a few surprises that will more than make it worth your while.


Fumare in Pace!


9 thoughts on “73. Peterson at the 2017 IPCPR (Video)

  1. Thanks for sharing Mark. Man, I really want one of those Amber Spigot 999’s. There are several available (like 2..) but at $480, I’m having a tough time hitting the “buy” button.

    • My wife has one (gift from Tom Palmer), but no extra stem. It remains unsmoked. I popped a really tiny piece out of the stem of my X220 just running a pipe cleaner through it, annoying as heck. If I had your skill, I think I’d attempt adding the tiniest drop of clear CA glue.

  2. OH THE JOY OF the new pipes for the Fall and Christmas season! Were to win the lottery, and spend it all on new pipes! And isn’t it just a wonderful thing that Peterson, after all of these years, is still not only surviving, but on the top of their game!

    • I’m excited about the prospect of a sterling army mount green St. Patrick’s day pipe with a yellow acrylic stem. I NEVER thought I’d be able to say that about a green pipe, but this is the first time they’ve had a sterling mount on the line, so maybe, just maybe. . .

  3. I really enjoyed that video. I was smoking an amber stemmed Patent straight bulldog from 1901 while watching Tom unveil the amber spigots which was neat.
    Thanks for another great start to the day Mark.

    • Whoa. Send me a picture of that pipe, Marc! Glad you enjoyed the video. We’re doing cleanup revisions on Part 2. The L&D lady is wearing me ragged. Looks like we’ll be at the Chicago show to do a presentation, even if the book isn’t out for a few months afterwards.

      • I just emailed you a few photos Mark.
        Summer/Autumn 2018 looks to be the target for publication? I can hardly wait. I have been waiting to Christen my Founders Edition pipe so I could do it with the book in hand. After all, good things come to those who wait.

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