26. A Look at the Peterson D Shapes

A few weeks ago Dave Beaven contacted me about an estate Pete he’d just received—the D7 pictured below—and asked if I knew anything about it. You probably know that my co-author Gary Malmberg and I are supposed to be done with the text for The Peterson Pipe: The Kapp & Peterson Story and now be working on the illustration packaging. Well, we are. Mostly. But Dave’s question set off some bells, and I got to thinking that I’d never set down anything about the history of the five Peterson shape groups. Oops. Our publisher will, I’m sure, be pleased to know I’ve rectified that situation.

In the meantime, while I can’t give you the copy I wrote on the D shapes, there’s nothing to stop me from sharing a visual encyclopedia of them and give you a few hints about them, as well as point you in directions you may be able to still find them, since most of them are no longer being made. They’re a vanishing breed, so if you see one you like, now’s probably the best time to think about adding it to the herd.

You’ll notice there’s no D10. I don’t know whether this was because Peterson skipped over the number (which sometimes causes confusion when there’s a “1”), or whether I was simply unable to source one.

Most of the best places to look for D shapes are going to be in Europe (1st hint). And there’s a country there that begins with the letter “D” (2nd hint). The shape group could therefore be called traditional fill in the blank.” D shapes began appearing in the mid 1990s, but aside from their occasional appearance in the Outdoor Series and the new Churchwardens, they have disappeared from the catalog and won’t be coming back according to reliable sources.

01 D1 KillarneyD1 (Killarney)

01a D1 Outdoor series
D1 (Outdoor)

02 D2 Supreme
D2 (Supreme)

03 D3 St Patricks day 1st year
D3 (St. Patrick’s Day 1998)

04 D4 Kapp Royal
D4 (Kapp-Royal)

05 D5 Aran
D 5 (Unmounted Aran)

06 D6 Dublin Silver
D6 (Dublin Silver)

06a D6 Smooth
D6 (Outdoor)

07 D7
D7 (Sterling)

08 D8
D8 (Dublin Silver)

09 D9 Irish Made Army
D9 (Irish Made Army)

11 D11 Killarney obverse
D11 (Killarney)

12 D12 Kapet
D12 (Kapet)

13 D13 Sterling
D13 (Sterling Silver)

14 D14 Special Edition Donegal
D14 (Special Edition Donegal)

15 D15
D15 (Churchwarden 2015)
16 D16 Churchwarden
D16 (Churchwarden 2015)

17 D17 Churchwarden
D17 (Churchwarden 2015)

If you know an e-tailer with D shapes still in stock, let me know. In the meantime, here’s a few places you might look:





Ebay also has a Kapp Royal D6 (as of 7/4/15, anyway)—item #351200097421.

Good hunting!

5 thoughts on “26. A Look at the Peterson D Shapes

  1. Thanks Mark. Just what I needed, another rare Peterson shape…..
    It is also exciting to hear that the book is coming to closure!

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