Peterson 999 Sterling (Pre-Republic) Restoration

Al did a great job on one of my favorite shapes, the old John Bull 999, didn’t he?


Blog entry by Al Jones

The 999 is Peterson’s version of the Rhodesian pipe shape. Pre-Republic versions are slightly chubbier than a modern 999. A chubby shape 999 has been on my “Holy Grail” pipe list for a number of years. This one came to me via a member of the PipesMagazine forums. It was a piece in huge treasure trove of estate pipes he bought as a lot. The seller sent me good pictures of the pipe and disclosed the issues he observed. The biggest concern was the dark marks on the bowl side. The pipe arrived today and gratefully, as I suspected, they were indeed only scorch marks. Sometimes you don’t have to find a pipe, they find you.

The pipe is stamped “Made in Ireland” in the circle format, which I’ve learned was used for 1945 to 1947. While the band is stamped “Sterling” as is the…

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One thought on “Peterson 999 Sterling (Pre-Republic) Restoration

  1. Thanks Mark. I was very happy to secure this one, which had an open slot on my “Holy Grail” list for quite a while.

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