Cleaning up a Peterson 312 System Pipe

Here’s another beautiful restoration from Steve Laug over at Reborn Pipes.


The Peterson I picked up on my trip was in great shape externally. The seller at the antique mall had cleaned up the outside of the pipe and polished the stem and bowl. The pipe was clean and shiny. The stamping was very clear on the ferrule and shank. The ferrule was stamped K&P Peterson’s and had three faux hallmarks as usual on the nickel ferrule of Peterson pipes. The shank was stamped on the left side with an arched Peterson’s over System and over Standard. On the right side of the shank the shape number has been stamped over with Made in the Republic of Ireland. The shape number is present under the over stamp and I can read the first two numbers clearly – 31_, but the third number is covered with other letters so it is not readable.Pete1Pete2 I wanted to figure out the number stamping that…

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning up a Peterson 312 System Pipe

  1. Hello,

    This morning i picked up an identical Peterson at a flea market for $10. Pretty much same condition too, but with a much more oxidized mouthpiece. The tenon on the bit has the same open end as you have pictured. I did not know enough about this brand to determine if it was a standard feature of this model or not. It’s my first Pete and your blog will help a great deal as I restore it!

    • You lucky man! Yes, the opening at the mortise is meant to be that way; the tenon (the opening of the airway at the bottom of the stem) is also large–about 5mm–this is because the P-Lip is a graduated bore, facilitating the proper working of the System. Good luck on the restoration, and don’t forget to consult Steve Laug’s blogs for any questions you may have. I think everything’s there.

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