Trying to Remedy a Hot Smoking Peterson Killarney 999

Working on a daily basis with estate and antique Peterson pipes, I find Steve Laug’s Rebornpipes blog a constant reference tool. Steve has also written two articles for our upcoming Peterson book on the kinds of problems Peterson users typically run into in restoration, including advice for beginners.

This article is important for several reasons, which is why I wanted to repost it here. I wanted to wait to get the original owner’s impressions, which are now intact. Enjoy!


I recently received an email from a friend here in Vancouver about a new Peterson Killarney 999 that he had purchased. He said that though it was a beauty and was quite a good smoking pipe it smoked so hot that he did not enjoy smoking it. He explained to me that when he smoked it the pipe became too hot to hold. He has been a pipeman for many years and never has this issue with his pipes so I knew it was not a technique issue. He explained to me that he had posted about it online seeking advice and everyone told him that it had to be the finish on the pipe. Many suggested that he needed to strip the finish off the bowl, restain it and it would be better. I have learned that there are other causes for a pipe smoking hot. All of them…

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